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Lucid dreaming is an amazing self-help tool with a wide array of benefits that science is just beginning to understand. It is basically a free and fully-immersive virtual reality system, plus more! Many people have already taken advantage of this unique state of mind, including: athletes, artists, authors, musicians, philosophers, thrill seekers, spiritual seekers, healers, and anyone interested in communicating with their subconscious mind. Your dreams are waiting...why are you?


We sleep through roughly 1/3 of our lives and are dreaming much of this time. Get the most out of your life by learning how to dream lucidly. Seize the night. Carpe Noctem!

My passion in life is lucid dreaming. I'm not a natural lucid dreamer, in fact, I didn't even know lucid dreams existed until I saw the movie Inception. I was instantly captivated by the concept, so I taught myself how to induce the experience and I haven't stopped learning since that fateful day. But there is still so much to learn about lucid dreaming, and that is why I aim to spend my entire life researching this intriguing phenomenon.

In 2014, I received a MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Dream Studies at Saybrook University. I'm currently working on a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health. I've spent many years reading/writing about lucid dreaming and, in that time, I've realized that it has some incredible benefits (i.e. mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, philosophically). My goal is to spread this message to the masses, as well as conduct more research into its potential.

It's difficult to discuss lucid dreaming without discussing dream yoga or mindfulness, and this is why they're mentioned on this site. Dream yoga has been evolving lucid dream practices for hundreds of years and many of these are similar to mindfulness practices. Science has already shown that physical yoga & mindfulness practices have great health benefits with few negative side effects. Not surprisingly, science is beginning to show the same for mental yoga (e.g. dream yoga) & lucid dream practices, too.

The Founder

My mission is to raise awareness about lucid dreaming & its benefits, while dispelling the many misconceptions around the topic. That's why I started this website, so that I could easily share information with others & provide coaching to fellow oneironauts looking to increase their dream lucidity. I also wanted to supply lucid dream apparel to help spread the awareness & raise funds for more research. My dream is a world filled with lucid dreamers, and so I ask:

"Are you lucid? Are you dreaming?"

                                   -Elliott E. Gish

"Just as physical yoga makes your body more flexible, dream yoga makes your mind more flexible" -Andrew Holecek

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Interview with Robert Waggoner for

online magazine Lucid Dreaming Experience

Elliott E. Gish

Volume 6 No. 3 Winter 2017

Autobiographical case study investigating

a combination of lucid dream induction techniques 

over a 2 week period (Results = 3 lucid dreams)

Click here for the highlights/summary

MA Thesis for Saybrook University, 2014

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