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My passion in life is lucid dreaming. This passion began immediately after watching the movie Inception and learning it was possible to dream lucidly. Instantly, I was captivated by the concept so I taught myself how to induce the experience and haven't stopped learning since that fateful day. But there is still so much to learn about lucid dreaming, and that is why I plan to spend my entire life scientifically researching this intriguing phenomenon.

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In pursuit of this goal, I received a MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Dream Studies from Saybrook University. Afterwards, I completed a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, & Integrative Health. Over the years, I've learned about the advantages and disadvantages of lucid dreaming. My mission is to spread this knowledge, as well as expand the field of research by conducting more studies on the subject.

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It would be remiss to discuss lucid dreaming without mentioning dream yoga or mindfulness, so they are an integral part of this site. Dream yoga has been evolving lucid dream practices for hundreds of years and many of these are similar to mindfulness practices. Science has already shown that physical yoga & mindfulness practices have many great health benefits with few negative side effects. Not surprisingly, science is beginning to show the same for mental yoga (e.g. dream yoga) & lucid dream practices, too.

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I love learning about lucid dreaming and sharing what I have learned with others. This website was created to help people who are seeking more information on the topic, especially those interested in the science of lucid dreaming. Through this website, I'm also able to provide coaching for anyone who wants personalized guidance on how to induce more lucid dreaming. My dream is a world filled with lucid dreamers, and so I ask:

"Are you lucid? Are you dreaming?"

                                   -Elliott E. Gish

Learn more about me and my lucid dreaming journey
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Interview with Robert Waggoner for

online magazine Lucid Dreaming Experience

Elliott E. Gish

Volume 6 No. 3 Winter 2017

Autobiographical case study investigating

a combination of lucid dream induction techniques 

over a 2 week period (Results = 3 lucid dreams)

Click here for the highlights/summary

MA Thesis for Saybrook University, 2014

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