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Click on the document link to read my M.A. thesis and learn exactly how I induced
3 lucid dreams in 2 weeks using a combination of mental techniques. 
I've experienced more lucid dreams within a shorter time-frame, but I wanted to share this autobiographical case study because it's detailed & only requires mental training.
Also, I know the struggle of being a beginner and trying to induce the experience regularly.
Hope it helps!
Here are the highlights:

  • inexperienced lucid dreamer (<1/month, <40 total)
  • amount of daily effort = ~2-3hours
  • wrote down every dream I had over 2 weeks (39 total, 3 of which were lucid)
  • Tholey's Combined (mix of reflection, intention, & autosuggestion)
  • Reality-Testing, 5-10x day, same frequency with Tholey's Combined technique
  • Mindfulness Meditation, 2-3x/day, ~30min per session (afternoon & night, ~morning)
  • Wake-Back-To-Bed method, awoke after 6hrs of sleep & stayed awake for 60min
  • Sleeping Lion posture, slept on my right side, fetal position
  • Hypnagogic transition focused primarily on visuals
  • RESULTS: 3 lucid dreams (2 WILDs & 1 DILD)
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