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What is a lucid dream coach?

A coach is someone who extends traditional training methods by incorporating an individual’s needs, as well as providing feedback on performance through close observation. Thus, a lucid dream coach fulfills this role with the goal of helping an individual improve his/her lucid dreaming abilities, like a personal trainer for the mind.

Do I need a lucid dream coach?

No, there’s plenty of free information available online about how to induce lucid dreaming. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there so make sure whatever you’re reading or watching is backed up by reliable data. A lucid dream coach helps by filtering out the misinformation and providing knowledge that is appropriate to the individual's situation.

Why have a lucid dream coach?

  • There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be with lucid dreaming

    • If you want to experience your first lucid dream, or increase your frequency of lucid dreaming, a lucid dream coach can help achieve your goals. He or she can also help you navigate common challenges in the process like motivation, dry spells, and dream control.

  • You would like individual tutoring as opposed to workshops/retreats or reading books/websites

    • Many lucid dream products are online courses with pre-recorded audio/video sessions, so the instructor is not there to answer personal questions or give customized feedback. Books, websites, workshops, and retreats also follow this one-size-fits-all model. If you prefer an approach that’s more catered to your individual needs, then lucid dream coaching might be a good fit for you.

  • For expertise that will help you achieve your lucid dreaming goals in a shorter time-frame

    • A lucid dream coach is well-read, knowing which techniques are backed by science and which ones are not. He or she will also draw on personal experiences with lucid dreaming, as well as the experiences of others to help you achieve your own lucid dreaming goals in a shorter timeframe.

  • To help keep you motivated and on track to accomplishing your lucid dreaming goals

    • Since lucid dreams only happens while we sleep, the pursuit can be isolating at times. A lucid dream coach is a knowledgeable companion that shares your passion for dream exploration, who can provide honest feedback on your progress and help you through the more difficult times.

Why choose me as your lucid dream coach?

  • My service rates: 

    • I strive to keep my rates reasonable so anyone who wants a lucid dream coach can afford my services. If you want to work together but cannot afford these rates, please contact me and we can talk about available options.

  • My 100% satisfaction guarantee:

    • If you are not satisfied with my coaching services, I will give you a complete refund. No questions asked!

  • My passion in life is lucid dreaming:

    • After learning about lucid dreaming via Inception, I knew I could easily spend my entire career investigating this intriguing phenomenon. I’ve been studying it personally & academically for many years with no end in sight. I love learning about lucid dreaming and helping others achieve this incredible experience for themselves. This passion also means I stay up-to-date on the latest science of lucid dreaming.

What happens in your lucid dream coaching sessions?

Each session is customized so it is dependent on the needs of the individual at that time. Progress and feedback are always discussed, along with strategies about how to further improve in-between sessions. Most sessions center around discussing various lucid dream induction techniques, the science behind them, how to properly perform them, and common mistakes or misconceptions. Goal-setting, challenges, and motivation also frequently come up in the conversation, as well as applications of the lucid dream state that could potentially benefit the individual.

How long should I work with a lucid dream coach?

It depends on your personal goals and starting point. Lucid dreaming is an ability that takes patience to acquire. Like working out at a gym, noticeable results are produced through effort over time and consistent exercise is needed to maintain those results. Tholey (1983a) found it took about 4-5 weeks on average for people to induce their first lucid dream using a certain induction technique every day. The average time for my clients to induce their first lucid dream is 2.8 weeks and almost

everyone who has worked with me for 4 hours over 2 months has experienced at least 1 lucid dream. Longer commitments (3+ months) are ideal because this gives us the time to build a solid foundation to your lucid dreaming skill set.

How much does your coaching cost? What are your rates?

$60/hour for four 1-hour sessions each month. Click here for more info

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